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Social Dance Studio blends the disciplines of dance with a social venue to create a lively, diverse dance community. If you wish to dance socially, perform, or add exercise to your routine, we will enrich your life through movement.

Welcome to SDS!

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Click Here for Class Cancellations and Changes

Currently at SDS

There are no classes all day December 24th & 25th.

Argentine Tango Milonga this Saturday, December 27th is canceled.

New for the New Year

There are lots of changes in the new year!

We've upgraded our check-in process. Click here for more details.

In addition to a new system, we also have price increases on a few of our packages, discount changes, and will be accepting cash or check only at our Club Social Events (Club Salsero, Club Swing, and the new Club Kizomba). We raise our prices once a year to keep up with the rising costs of rent and utilities, but do our best to keep all of our dance offerings available and affordable to everyone.

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Class Cancellations and Changes 

No classes all day December 24th & 25th.

The New Year's Eve Big Apple celebration is CANCELED.

There are no evening classes on December 31st.

Group Class and Private Lesson Policies

Our classes are progressive, meaning they build on concepts from week to week, and begin new at the start of each month. Classes may be joined only in the first two weeks of each month. If you would like to join an Intermediate class and have not completed our Foundations courses in that dance, or are not sure what class you should be in, please call ahead to schedule a free evaluation with an instructor.

Private lessons are a great opportunity for accelerated learning and specialized attention with an instructor. Private lessons may be taken alone or shared with up to four people (a cost effective option). Private lessons guarantee time with an instructor. They do not guaranteed a private room or special music, especially during peak hours (7-9 p.m., Monday - Thursday).